1Why can't I just buy or sell a home on my own?
The many DIY real estate websites that have popped up in recent years have helped to perpetuate the myth that buying or selling a home is easy. The truth is that a real estate transaction is a complicated process that requires a variety of professionals to complete.

A real estate agent can help you to find the perfect property to buy or bring qualified buyers to the home you are selling. No matter how it is presented online, real estate transaction paperwork is extremely complicated. An experienced real estate agent is going to make sure that you side of the paperwork is done right and protect your interests during the sale.

The reality is that a real estate agent can help a seller to make more money on their sale and a buyer to save more money on their purchase. With our premier services, All Time Realty can help you to have a smooth transaction from start to finish.
2What should be the first step in the home buying process?
The idea of getting pre-qualified for a mortgage sounds easy, but it is quite a process. Your first step in buying a new home is to talk to one of our experienced professionals and establish the guidelines for your hunt. Once you have that relationship in place, you should then seek out a lender to get pre-qualified for your mortgage.

Why would you hire a real estate agent before getting pre-qualified? Because you are going to have questions about the pre-qualification process and an agent is going to get you the answers you need to go about the pre-qualifying process with confidence.

3Am I better off renting than buying?
At All Time Realty, we get questions about renting versus buying all of the time. If you are not sure about renting or buying, then call one of our agents for an appointment. We can help you to talk through the decision and make the choice that is right for you, and then we can show you properties that meet your needs.
1When should I sell my house?
One of the most important questions sellers ask is about the timing of selling their home. You will want to place your home on the market when it is a seller's market and you can get the best possible selling price. The absolute best way to find out when the local real estate market is best for sellers is to call All Time Realty and talk to one of our real estate experts.
2How fast will my home sell?
Some of the main factors that go into determining how fast your home will sell include the type of market your area is in, how competitively your home is priced and how many other properties are for sale. With our premier real estate services, we will examine the entire situation and come up with ways to sell your home as quickly as possible.
3Should I make any changes to my home before selling it?
Before you put your home up for sale, you should perform basic repair and maintenance tasks such as making small repairs, cleaning up your home and your front yard and getting rid of the clutter in and around your home. A professional real estate agent can give you advice on what else you should do to your home before putting it on the market to increase your selling price.

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